More Cheese Please!
More Cheese Please!

More Cheese Please!


I’ve struggled with a dodgy tummy, most of my adult life. So to counter act this I have been taking a long term acid suppressant. But these things are no longer recommended long term, so I stopped taking them, but oh boy, what nasty indigestion ensued. These things take time to balance but after many weeks, it is now believed that I am actually dairy intolerant, which makes sense. And you know what I am going to say next. Cheese! Oh my beloved cheese! How can I lose you from my life… And butter – oh wondrous slab of exquisite taste! Toast and butter! It is a thing, it is a glorious thing, with a hot cup of tea … oh no! That’s a black cup of tea, how is that even possible?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, well you can, but it takes time, patience and lots of planning. And me, I’m an instant girl. If it doesn’t happen quickly then I give up. But I can’t give up because it’s miserable and painful. Except the writing, which has always been an exception to my characteristic rule. That I kept going, hoping, trying. So much so, it’s actually quite hard to take a break from it, without continuing to worry about sales, or lack of. What will happen to Radiant with his Glory?

I wonder where I will be in 6 months time? Will I have come to terms with my cheeseless life, will I have started a new writing project, will I no longer have to carry a pack of ant-acids? Will I be better at persevering at other things apart from writing?


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