Kirsty A Wilmott
The Author

The Author

I live in Wiltshire with my husband. I’ve been writing for over twenty years. Up until December 2019 unpublished. As with most things in life you hang on by your fingernails and the road ahead is a choice, not often edged with gold or certainty.  The breakthrough came when a friend had a conversation with an independent publisher about autism. Thank you Simeon, many people’s favourite character. Three books in the series have now been published, Watching You Fall, Falling Tide and just out, Missing You.

My first four novels are unpublished. Too Close In and A Spacious Place are set in the second world war, because it was a time of incredible heroism by very ordinary people. Loved researching the role that women played, so often behind the scenes. If I had to pick a genre, then I would say historical romance. I then wrote Radiant with His Glory, about five women, who lived in Old Testament times, when they were treated as chattels. How do you live when you just don’t count? The next novel, Swimming with Plato is about an ageing polar bear living in a failing zoo – set in the present day, a fifty-something woman is coming to terms with the death of her husband.

Finally I wrote Watching You Fall, simply because I was sitting in a cottage at the Lizard and it was time to start a new book. It was never meant to be a murder mystery, but quickly became one. Book 2 in the series, Falling Tide was then followed by the third book, Missing You, where Anna and her parishioners continue the adventure.

All three published novels are set at the Lizard, a place we retreat to annually, to recharge and reset.

I write about what I know, which is people struggling to do life, faith, and doubt. I am fascinated that what goes on in our heads is rarely what we portray to others. That learning to be real with each other is often difficult but not impossible.


Watching You Fall
The Lizard peninsula is known for its beautiful scenery and tourist attractions, but all is not so idyllic for Revd Anna Maybury, vicar of the most southerly parish of mainland Britain. Much of Anna’s little flock are dealing with their own problems, and when the wife of a local architect is found dead in the churchyard, each of them has to come to terms with the fact that they may be living with a murderer. The year will take them to the very edge of their insecurities and relationships and beyond to the conclusion that we are never truly what we seem...
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