No Agenda!
No Agenda!

No Agenda!

Saturday 8th June 2024

I like driving places on my own, as long as I have left myself plenty of time! I particularly like driving at night, when you feel safe and cocooned in the car bubble. Sometimes I listen to music, but my car is quite old so it has to be CD’s, and that means being organised. I am not organised and recently have had to listen to the same album rather a lot. So my favourite thing to do is to simply drive and see where my mind, my thoughts, my prayers take me. It is often the only time I can really get to grips with where I’m at, but more to the point where God wants me to be.

These are some of the best moments. But lets face it, most of the time our heads are full of what is coming up, what is worrying us, what we still have on our lists, and so often I approach our God with a list of things and people. Obviously, this is also valid, but this week I was challenged to try and do the car thing while doing normal life, that is, come to him without a list, without an agenda. To ask him what he’d like to talk about, what he’d like me to pray, perhaps even, what he’d like me to do. And as I’m between books, not sure the new one will be out by September either, this seems as good a time as any.

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