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Pictures of Pictures

Pictures of Pictures

Saturday 12th August 23

We not only have a title for book 3 of the Anna Maybury Mysteries, Missing You, but we have a picture for the front cover. And I am so excited because it was taken by a real life lifeboat volunteer from the Lizard. Talk about all hands on deck! We were stuck, we asked them for help, and one of the very first couple of pictures they sent us was just right. Publisher is a very happy man.

Talks at New Wine, last week went well, and seemed to hit the spot. I enjoyed myself immensely thinking about the lost sheep, lost coin and the lost boy from Luke 15. I am now preparing for a visit to Truro to a retirement home to sell book 2, Falling Tide. Late, I know as it has been out for a while, but another COVID casualty. I’ve been to them before with Watching You Fall, and they were very kind but asked some quite hard questions – did I believe in ghosts? Some things you just can’t prepare for.

Next on the list is writing the crib service. I know it’s early but I would love to get it done while the idea is fresh in my mind. There is also a short story that I am keen to get out there but as it’s quite different from the Anna Maybury stories I will have to have a think about how to do that.

There is, as you can see, a lot of stuff going on at the moment. So below is one of my favourite prints by Kit Johns, Lost in the Waves. I bought this at his tiny gallery at the end of the Lizard. He does some fabulous paintings and whenever I feel I am missing the sea I stare into it and feel better.

Lost in the Waves by Kit Johns

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Watching You Fall
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