Saturday 19th August 23

Reflection of Clouds in a chalk stream at Heale House – gets me every time!

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I listened to my favourite podcast, the Infinite Monkey Cage, but it was way too interesting to send me off. And for some weird reason at the moment, I am hardly reading at all. I am excited about the book, my book, and exhausted by life  – turn and turn about. 

I’ve always been a bit up and down, and I think if I was truly honest about myself, I’m an excitable creature, who laughs too loudly, who talks too much, who longs to feel part of their own life. Just going to rewrite that last bit. I’m an excitable creature, who finds joy in the simple things of life. I laugh loudly because every part of me joins in. I talk a lot, because I have a lot to say, but I also work hard at listening, because seeing someone, really seeing the person you’re with, is an absolute privilege. And when I feel dislocated from what is going on, it gives me a different perspective, until I am ready to step back into my life. We all have moments when we feel we are watching ourselves, feel we are imposters. 

So enough of the deep and meaningful. This week I did two things of significance to do with Missing You. One was to check through the final edits. Thank goodness it was only twiddly bits and one, only one, important name change. It’s back with the publisher and because of the lovely lifeboat who found us a front cover picture, we are on target for a release date towards the end of September. 

The second thing I did, which is pure indulgence, is to get a date for the launch. Tuesday 3rd October, at Devizes books. Save the date, but if you are coming, then please RSVP via the website or Facebook, so we get enough wine!

Now that is an evening that I will spend most of my time watching rather than being!

Massive thanks, in advance to Joe at the bookshop.

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