3rd June 2023

Web site upgrade will be happening in about a months time. Just a refresh and some added space for book 3. It would have been done sooner only my web site specialist got married, today, so he had other things on his mind! It was a lovely wedding, really beautiful, and a real privilege to have been invited. Finally, all those years of youth work are paying off.

I do love listening to young people, (under 30’s), talking, their hopes and plans, their dreams, their realism. Ok, it can make me feel a little old, but watching them turn into grownups, is something else. I expect as we all age, I will move the goal posts to enjoying the under 40’s, then the under 50’s, except by then I’ll be in my 90’s. I wonder if I will still be writing!

Still haven’t come up with a title for the third book, at least not one that hasn’t been used many times before. I liked Saving Me, and it was its working title for a while. The book, 3rd in the Anna Maybury series, features the lifeboat down at the Lizard, totally fictitious of course, as each time I’ve actually tried to visit in the last two years the station has been closed to the public due to COVID. So what about something like ‘Chuck Me a Lifebelt’ or ‘Help, I’m drowning’ or ‘The sea looks a bit rough today!’ Sitting here, in deepest Wiltshire, the waves feel a long way away and all I can hear is a motorbike and the breeze blowing through the ceanothus.

Actually this grass is in Devon, but it is redolent of Wiltshire, and the open grassy hills.

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Watching You Fall
The Lizard peninsula is known for its beautiful scenery and tourist attractions, but all is not so idyllic for Revd Anna Maybury, vicar of the most southerly parish of mainland Britain. Much of Anna’s little flock are dealing with their own problems, and when the wife of a local architect is found dead in the churchyard, each of them has to come to terms with the fact that they may be living with a murderer. The year will take them to the very edge of their insecurities and relationships and beyond to the conclusion that we are never truly what we seem...
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