A Contradiction In Terms!
A Contradiction In Terms!

A Contradiction In Terms!

Saturday 20th August 22

I love France, I love travelling and yet I don’t. I get so nervous before we go away, then during the actual travelling. More than nervous, anxious with all that entails physically. But I love going to France, trips to Brugge, Venice etc. We’ve had the most awesome times there interspersed with deep breathing and damage limitation. Mike is the most brilliant planner of trips: he leaves nothing to chance, he makes sure there is always plenty of time, that there is a map, a route, a loo. So there is no need to get nervous and yet I do.

We are complex beings. We are wonderfully and awesomely put together so that when we function well we can be amazing – creative and ingenious, kind and generous. But sometimes deep in our magnificent brains we believe the lies, we struggle with the truth, we don’t realise that what we think isn’t what we really think! It would be so much easier on one level to simplify things down to, this should be amazing, therefore it is! But creativity, ingenuity, thinking outside the box would all be lost in this dumbing down, the removal of the nuances of everyday life.

So though life is messy and often difficult, lets never give up on working at it, working on ourselves, with each other, so we can reach for the sublime, so that we can touch the stars, the divine and hopefully help others to touch them too.

Carennac, France 2022 – a lovely day, spent with a fizzy tummy.

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