Books and Candles!
Books and Candles!

Books and Candles!

Saturday 13th August 22

Today I will finish one of the final readings of book three of the Anna Maybury murder mysteries. The working title is Missing You and involves the lifeboat crew of the Lizard. Not the actual lifeboat crew obviously. Those courageous ladies and gentlemen I have never met, but I did have some fun researching the boats and procedures, the history. Having said that, once I’ve finished researching I simply write so that things like the training and the power of the Coxswain are all entirely fictional, for the sake of the story.

Last night I was at my reading group. The first one I have been able to go to for ages. Books do furnish a room and fill your life with joy. There is such sadness when a good book comes to an end etc. Barbara Pym Excellent Women, a book to soothe the soul. I also went onto read Jane and Prudence because I had enjoyed it so much. Both books are witty and clever and a wonderful snapshot of the post war era. Such a joy to sit outside in dresses, watching the candles guttering in the breeze and talking books and life. Sharing our own stories too. Most candles were in storm lanterns, only those on the table were naked flames for obvious reasons. It was an evening of great pleasure and as one of the candles began to drip and dribble it left these patterns draped across the table. Beautiful! Sometimes the frail and fragile things can leave such a lasting impression.


  1. Denise

    Can’t wait for your 3rd book.
    I agree books can teach you so much. I love historical fiction. I recently read a book called
    The Midwife of Auschwitz by Anna Stuart. One thing I never thought about was babies been born in the concentration camps or what happened to them.

    1. I love historical fiction to. Even if the events aren’t entirely true you get a fix on the times. And I love the sort of books that leave you questioning your own life, not so you feel condemned but questioning. What else can I do? I’ve been trying to persuade Mike to clear out some of his books, but we ended up buying more book shelves! A book lovers answer to everything, just get another shelf.

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