Saturday 30th October 21 Good TV!
Saturday 30th October 21 Good TV!

Saturday 30th October 21 Good TV!

FALLING TIDE – Official publication date is 1st November 2021, but you know that already. Want to read it now, then get yourself down to Devizes Books!

Don’t normally do this, as in recommend a TV program, but we watched Stephen Merchants Outlaws, the first episode. It goes out on a Monday but is already on catchup, BBC. Not for children, but definitely worth a go. It’s funny, clever, positive in a negative way and is his usual quirky genius. I loved it, and I hope that I’m right, because I still do need to watch the rest of it, but it’s got a feel good factor that has been missing from a lot of the drama we’ve watched recently. Plus it’s based in Bristol, so Mike spent the whole time pointing out which street, landmark etc.

What makes good TV has got to depend on the mood you’re in, what’s been going on in your life, and how strong you feel. I’m not good at violence but love superheroes. Not keen on soppy romance but love it when a couple of characters have a connection. Love a good, complex story, but also love Bond and stuff like Independence Day. Love a good adaption of a good book, particularly Austen, but don’t think I’ve ever seen a really good one of Persuasion, my absolute favourite. The best time to watch a movie is on a rainy Saturday afternoon – sorry if you’ve got kids, but one day, they will have other things to do. The absolute key for me, at the moment, is to be able to lose myself, or to laugh, preferably both. And if you prefer reading, I could recommend a good book!

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