Friday 22nd October 21 Transitions and Fillers!
Friday 22nd October 21 Transitions and Fillers!

Friday 22nd October 21 Transitions and Fillers!

Some transitions are easier than others. My dearly beloved is currently awaiting a big change in his life. We’re almost certain it’s going to happen but won’t be completely at peace until 9.30 am on Monday. I’ve never seen him quite so discombobulated. He even had an afternoon nap because he’s not been sleeping that well. (I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for someone who has never dropped off during daylight hours it was quite disconcerting). I have quite a strong faith, as most of you know, but one of my other rocks is Mike. He wobbled this week, but this transition is nearly over and then woo hoo!

Our week in Pembroke was time out, a change of scenery. Mike had to bring with him some work work, so that meant I could work on my work work, the book, book 3, Missing You. I know, I know we’ve only just published book 2, Falling Tide, and it’s hardly sold it’s first hundred yet, (actually it has sold it’s first hundred, which is fab), but there is so much space between phases of publishing, that I’ve been working on it, on and off for ages. This is the first time I’m done a non-stop concentrated push. Its been great. A transition from book 2 to book 3. But as with all transitions, rarely does the old thing stop completely. I still have tons to do to get Falling Tide out there, while book 3 sits and matures, like a good bottle of wine or a nice cheese!

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