Saturday 17th July 21
Saturday 17th July 21

Saturday 17th July 21

Just watching the time trial on the penultimate day of the Tour de France. One of my favourite things. I try to watch it as much as possible, partly because you have a wonderful view of France and partly because the physical achievement and team riding are off the scale. I will never understand all the cleverness involved with most of the tactics but its always fascinating and the commentary exemplary. I shall be a bit sad next week but will also have some more time to get on with the writing. Have finished book three with the denouement, which I then highlighted with all the things that had to be added into the text, to make it work. (Some of them are in already.) I was so proud of this that I promptly lost all my momentum for getting on. I do this all the time. As soon as I’ve worked out how to do something I then leave it until the very last minute to do it!

One thing I haven’t worked out how to do is to publicise the book, to break through into the world of positive sales. What I can do, is to say that if you are part of a Book Group then I would be really happy to come along and talk about Watching You Fall, the process of writing, the ups and downs of publishing etc. Contact me through Facebook or the website. I’ve got to up the anti somehow, so this is step one. (No idea what step two is, but I will try and think of something!) Like Geraint Thomas, one of the tour riders, who dislocated his shoulder in the first stages of the race, I will keep going, though some bits are less enjoyable than others. How do you get back on your bike after dislocating an arm, having it put back in on the road and riding to the end of the course over some of the most ridiculous roads in France? Awesome!

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