Friday 9th July 21
Friday 9th July 21

Friday 9th July 21

We’ve just taken our first lateral flow test so that we can go on the Church Camp. Very unpleasant, so my heart goes out to those who do this twice a week. Can you get used to it? Do you get better at it? Yuk! Still, a necessary evil in these difficult times.

Sorry the blog is early again but I’m off to Bath tomorrow with my niece for important wedding shopping! Very excited. She seems hardly out of nappies but I think that is more about us than it is about her. Time is zooming by and I am rapidly running out of my fifties. What happens when you turn 60? When I turned 40 I suddenly got bags under my eyes! Ok, it was all to do with an overactive thyroid but they never went away! I’m just worried that I’ll wake up and I won’t recognise myself. Actually thinking about when we first got married, and the person I was back then, I don’t recognise myself, in a good way. I am such a different person. Being older is actually quite good fun apart from things taking a lot longer to heal and other things simply breaking. I quite like being me. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been, I’m hugely less anxious, I’m much less worried about what people think of me, (still am a little), and don’t wake up panicking in the night because I’ve munched my way through the larder – again! Though I really could do with cutting out some of the sugar that has sneakily crept back into my diet. But I have the signed contract for the second book, working title Watching You Land, but probably actual title will be something like ‘Falling Tide’. And I always dreamt of getting published, but never really believed I would, even back when I was studying electronic engineering.

It’s a bit of a muddle this week, but post holiday everything is always a bit of a muddle, so nothing new there!

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