Monday 19th April
Monday 19th April

Monday 19th April

On Saturday we went and walked the next bit of the Thames Path. It was fabulous. Sunny and not too busy until we got to Lechlade. We also made very good time. Only by the time we got back I was shattered and forgot all about posting. So here is a very short one.

There is only one huge thing looming in our lives right now, and that is our son and his wife and two very small children are coming to live with us. I thought, no problem, I just need to move some bits and bobs around, even managed to find a Thomas the Tank engine pillow case but its the details that matter. Eg there is a double plug socket just by his cot. For now we can move it away but long term we need some of those socket covers. I went hot and cold just thinking about what could have happened. We used to have cupboard locks too though I think Angus is well past that stage, though it will definitely be worth checking everything at knee height.

At the moment he loves coming to see us, so many engines, so much attention, but how will it be when he sees us all the time? Will we still be so popular? I’m not sure I’ve every really said no to him, have used my guile to manoeuvre him to where I want him to be, but he’s getting more wily by the day and will soon see through my subterfuge.

But there is real joy in filling the house back up with people, particularly small people. There are so many cuddly toys lounging about the place in need of love. So many engines in need of a track, so much sand to be pored and patted and so many tadpoles to admire. (Actually there are only 8, it’s not been a great year).

And on the book front, I am currently checking the changes made by the publisher to book 2. Not many so far and except for a hair colour change that needs sorting it’s all looking good.

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