Friday 23rd April 21 – Will You Listen, Please!
Friday 23rd April 21 – Will You Listen, Please!

Friday 23rd April 21 – Will You Listen, Please!

It is early this week, because I know I’m going to be busy tomorrow. And it’s easy. I want to talk about injustice, mainly because of the post office scandal, when so many of their people were prosecuted for theft. Some even went away to prison or became bankrupt simply due to a software error. What upset me was the idea that those folk didn’t have a voice. That you can protest your innocence and no one believes you. Mike and I had a bit of a row last week, and I really had a go at him. Did my fish wife impression. It never works, he just hides away but I lost it because I didn’t feel as though he was listening to me. It’s all sorted, in fact it probably cleared the air from all the lock-down-niggle-build-up, because we sat down and listened to each other, but can you imagine not being listened to? That your voice doesn’t matter, that you don’t count. How would you react long term? Would you simply give up and begin to accept that actually your life was worthless? Would you begin to fight and perhaps do things you would have never dreamt of doing, so that at least then you would be taken notice of? I don’t often scream like that, used to when I was younger, but it’s only when I feel disenfranchised, or simply broken. So I am praying for those post office workers, for long term forgiveness and peace. And that those who do not have a voice, will be heard.

Book news. Have spent some very productive hours this week, doing a final read through with Andrew, my publisher. Had to do a bit of tweaking with the timelines, always always an issue. But have just sent it back to him, and am hoping that it’s sorted. But Anna doesn’t half have a busy afternoon! And finally we are beginning to think about a title.

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