10th April 21
10th April 21

10th April 21

Things I have enjoyed this week: watching a couple of male blackbirds fight over our garden. They spiral into the air wings and beaks flashing. They’re only blackbirds, but watch them closely, stare into those beady eyes and it is quite wonderful.

Going for a walk with a good friend. Neither of us wanted to go, did’t really feel up to much, but by the time I got back, though I was ready for a sit down, I felt sooo much better. There is always a sense after exercise, well I’m glad it’s over but I am also really glad I’ve done it.

Sorted out the storeroom so you can now walk in and in some places see the floor. Never ever call a room ‘the store room’, because from then on you will never ever throw anything away!!!! On bank holiday Monday I gave myself a day off. I’ve been working through my lists since Christmas, so I didn’t put on a load of washing, I didn’t clean the bathroom, decided I would only do what I really wanted to do. Which is when I found that I’d like to sort out the storeroom. Very satisfying. Now there’s a bit more room to put things so I don’t have to decide to get rid of them.

Chose the book for reading group, dared to pick something from Science Fiction and we had a good discussion. Tom Chiang Exhalation. Love it when that happens.

Enjoyed finishing off a bottle of wine through the week with the evening meal, so much more civilised. I know, I know there wasn’t a dry day, I will have to be especially good next week.

Had a damson gin with tonic and a good natter with a friend. Hadn’t realised how yummy that is.

Have put a few things in the diary, people coming for lunch etc. Now that did feel good.

Played engines with Angus until our backs ached. It was mayhem but such fun and when he laughs it does me good.

So all in all it has been a good week. It’s worth sitting down and remembering all the good things because sometimes the crappy stuff can be a bit overwhelming.

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