Friday 19th March – Doing the blog now, while I remember!
Friday 19th March – Doing the blog now, while I remember!

Friday 19th March – Doing the blog now, while I remember!

On Wednesday I prepared for and even had the zoom link ready for a four minute slot for Alpha. Non-sung worship. I was pleased with what I had done, and was looking forward to it. Had my tea and completely forgot. And what was worse, was that I didn’t remember that I’d forgotten until the next morning. You all know that horrible sinking feeling, an icy block in your tummy, that made breakfast, normally my favourite meal of the day, unappetising. I felt dreadful. And though it was only four minutes and easily skipped over, it made me feel very unreliable. I consider myself to be reasonably organised and mostly able to turn up on time, but as lock down has progressed I’ve had that funny feeling that I am missing something. That there is something I ought to remember. I have begun to check my diary with assiduous regularity, (which patently doesn’t work), because I don’t trust myself to remember if there is anything happening that day, or I suppose, even what day it actually is. And I better start putting alerts on the phone. It can do that, you know!

More setbacks with the book, which you don’t need to know about. One or two irons in the fire, but the honest truth is I’m not going to set much store by them. Be very happy if they come to fruition but am not going to mither about them until they do.

So don’t worry about stuff you can’t do anything about, and check your diary and then perhaps leave large notes all over the kitchen floor, and have the phone do loud, useful alerts. So that’s life sorted. If only I could remember what it was that I think I may have forgotten!

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