Saturday 13th March 21 Chicken and Egg!
Saturday 13th March 21 Chicken and Egg!

Saturday 13th March 21 Chicken and Egg!

Writing went well this week. Slowly making my way towards the denouement and beginning to get a feel for the murder and who might have done it. I suppose if I don’t know who it is, then hopefully neither will you. I reckon I might get this one done by the end of April. Of course that’s when the real work begins. Speaking of real work, I rang a book shop and a book distributor this week. The book shop wanted to stock it but couldn’t find it at their distributor of choice. Who when the publisher phoned them said, that it currently wasn’t available but if someone tried to order it, it would become available. Only when the shop then tried to order it, it wasn’t on line! Bookshop and the publisher are a little bemused. Then I plucked up courage and rang Aslan Books in Westbury, but the gentleman responsible was away. So in a couple of weeks I’ll have to pluck up more courage and ring them again.

And that’s the problem. I want to write, not ring up bookshops, only if I want to write I have to ring up bookshops. And an agent will be interested when I’m selling, but to start selling I need exposure, and for that a good agent wouldn’t go amiss! The chicken and egg! The horse and cart! They definitely need to come in the right order and until that happens I shall be relying on faith. Hanging on by my fingertips. And as one lady said, who is at least going to look at it, that it’s a tough old world! There must be hundreds of really good books out there, not written by celebrities. Loads of small publishers and book shops struggling because we’re all stuck at home, unable to go and browse as usual.

So roll on end of lock down, and once you’ve seen all those people you have really missed, get down to your local bookshop. And while you’re there, you might as well order a really excellent book, Watching You Fall, and any other tomb that takes your fancy.

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Watching You Fall
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