Friday 26th March 21
Friday 26th March 21

Friday 26th March 21

We are having the sliding doors fixed, so while the men are in the house I am wearing a mask. In our own home! How quickly has this become part of our everyday. We don’t go out without a mask in our pockets, we automatically step to one side on a narrow pavement and we use anti-bac as a matter of course. We walk with an exclusion zone around us, and though we long to be held and touched by those we love, everyone else is a danger, a hazard, a risk assessment. We don’t want to live like this but the scientists are already warning of more pandemics. Different strains, different types. I have become quite adept at swallowing down long term anxiety. We never knew before what the future held, but our mantra has always been, ‘the best is yet to come’. And I’d like to hang onto that. It’s taken me a long enough to get the hang of this life, it’s not perfect now, of course, but I would be loath to lose a sense of that.

Progress report on the book – Aslan Christian Books are in Pewsey, not far from us, but they only deal with books from their usual distributors. I can’t tell you how crazy frustrating this is. I literally don’t know what to do next or how to keep positive, unless someone has the inside track into Waterstones… Being an unknown author is pants! And it really doesn’t seem to matter how good the book is, no one is willing to give you a chance.

At least the sliding doors are sliding again!

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