Friday 19th February
Friday 19th February

Friday 19th February

I have a theory. I get a lot more hits if I have chocolate, or bunny in the title. And last week, after eating my husbands Easter bunny a little early, my own son dobbed me in. Mike doesn’t read my blog so I thought I was safe! Anyway, he appeared in the kitchen, searching for his lost bunny. I didn’t tell him where I was hiding mine. You always need reserves. So I don’t know if you guys, out there in internet land, are interested in the book, writing or just my weekly battles with food, and exercise. Having worked hard on the exercise front because my back is such pain when it goes, in both senses of the word, and having made exercise a part of my day to the point where I miss it or feel guilty if I don’t do it, have I lost an ounce? No, not a bean. Am I resentful of that fact… yes, yes I am. It’s possibly that what I think is good exercise is probably just a gentle workout. You know that if you go to a class, (it has been known), that you do work a great deal harder than at home. And like most people I do not necessarily note or remember what I actually put in my mouth, so I am definitely eating far more than I need. And oh, so much sugar!

But we know, we know, we definitely know, that diets don’t work. Unless you sort the head bit out, nothing changes and however much weight you lose, it will all go back on. So I thought, I know, it’s Lent, I’ll reduce my sugar intake for the next six weeks. Not exclude, just reduce, how grown up am I! Only the next day, a cream tea arrived by post for my dearly beloved’s birthday. Two scones, jam and cream, chocolate brownies and lemon drizzle cake. And we could have had a cup of tea with it, (it did come supplied with a nice English Breakfast), but it was his 60th, so we had a glass of sparkly. Who has just one glass of sparkly! Particularly as the Wiltshire COVID figures, which had been a bit samey, suddenly dropped to below 100 in 100,000. Definitely something to be celebrated. So much for reducing my sugar intake. I actually managed to eat more than usual!

And out in our kitchen, right this minute, are a couple of chocolate hazelnut croissants. I love these even more than pain au chocolat. They were a bargain, an absolute snip. I’m sure we had agreed that we would only indulge in such things on the weekend. Mike said that Thursday was nearly the weekend. I give up. Only, I’m not going to give up. What I will do is promise to start again tomorrow… and next week I promise to talk about the book.

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