Friday 26th February Sunshine and Almond Croissants
Friday 26th February Sunshine and Almond Croissants

Friday 26th February Sunshine and Almond Croissants

I have spent the week sorting things out. Took the ex-tree to the dump on Monday. Nearly killed myself but managed to get the back of the car unloaded in 18 mins! Have sold a load of stuff, from the loft, on Facebook Marketplace. And now only have a pile of bric-a-brac in the garage! Bric-a-brac, where does that come from? Going to have to do a Google search! From the French meaning ‘random’, and used by the Victorians for lesser arty objects. And they knew a thing or two about clutter, random collections of feathers and commemoration mugs etc. Would not have wanted to dust a Victorian front room. But did finally manage to dust ours. Dust is a thing! I only do it when I can still see it without my glasses on and I don’t take them off to check, unless someone is coming round, which hasn’t happened that much of late!

And it did not escape my notice that the sun came out, it was positively balmy. It does the heart good, that and finding a couple of frogs in the pond doing what frogs do at this time of year! There are always casualties, when over amorous males drown their female lovers! A bit harsh I feel! And after their wild endeavours, the pond used to look like a volcano for a few days, the newts eat the frogspawn, so it is all for nothing. Except, last year, Michael set up a tadpole nursery. We spent a wonderful summer watching them grow! Though they take ages to get their legs! So the tiniest window into warmer weather and immediately I can conquer the world! Have even written another chapter of the book. The only down side is I watched Michael Mosley’s How to Keep A Healthy Weight! There is no answer except eating like a sparrow! My age, my sex, my sedentary life, means that to lose weight, to hold at bay all those nasty things like heart disease and diabetes, I will have to start eating with a calorie count in mind! Grrrrrrr! Choices, choices! So to start my new healthy eating we had home cooked almond croissants and coffee in the garden in a sunny corner. But as a sop to my new life-long regime, I checked the calories, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. So I enjoyed my almond croissant and the sunshine and perhaps soon finding out who actually did murder the lifeboat crewman!

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