Saturday 13th February 21
Saturday 13th February 21

Saturday 13th February 21

It’s Saturday blog time. The sofa calls. After hoovering up the crumbs from yesterday, of course. It genuinely looked liked I’d tipped the bottom of a packet of biscuits I’d sat on, out on the floor. And I wouldn’t have done that, I wouldn’t dream of wasting a crumb. Not functioning on all cylinders as sleep patterns are erratic. But the good thing about that is that I have been reading the Mick Herron Slow Horses, Slough House books. I’m absolutely hooked. I love the writing, (am jealous of). It’s good and funny and shocking all at once. And I thought there could be no hero better that Dalziel from Dalziel and Pascoe but Jackson Lamb is the ultimate anti-hero. Anti-health, hygiene, political correctness and well hidden care for his joe’s. Sorry, never meant to end up reviewing other people’s novels. But as I said before, I never know what is going to happen to this blank page. So jealousy apart, Mick Herron’s first novel was published in the States because he couldn’t get a publisher in the UK. So very slightly mollified by that.

The week before last, writing went well. Monday this week got a bit lost so I thought I’d do a read through of book 3, on Tuesday morning. Had decided by ten o’clock that it was terrible. The writing was grey and sad and I kept getting stuck on where to put the commas. My education was late sixties, early seventies comprehensive. So all I learnt about English was to take a breath, and that’s where a comma should go. That a semi-colon is bigger than a comma, but not so big as a full-stop! And overuse of exclamation marks was annoying. And yet, here I am, typing away again as if I know what I am doing. But you know I don’t, don’t you?!…

So after Tuesday I ate the chocolate bunnies I’d bought for Easter. (They were on offer). (And I have only eaten one of them but the second one is inevitable.) (And its quite safe to write this, because Mike doesn’t read my blog and I did eat his, not mine. Saving mine for later!) Opened a bottle of red on Wednesday, (we normally try and stay dry on Monday to Thursday) and then didn’t sleep that well the rest of the week. And I know I am not alone. This wretched lock-down is exposing, high-lighting all the bits we normally manage to keep hidden the rest of the time. And it’s not pretty. But I also know there are any number of people I can ring and moan to/at. That my family is still well. Hannah must have been the only paramedic training in Birmingham who didn’t get COVID. And that the numbers are gradually coming down. So though I still don’t know what to do with a comma or a semi-colon, I will have another go at Missing You. Accept I will never write as well as Mick Herron and see what tomorrow brings.

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