Friday 5th Feb 21 Bite Sized Chunks!
Friday 5th Feb 21 Bite Sized Chunks!

Friday 5th Feb 21 Bite Sized Chunks!

The joy with writing a blog is that I have no idea what I’m going to write until I write it. Like prayers for church, or book 3, Missing You, or simply a letter to a friend. Occasionally I’ll get an idea and try and wrap the words around it. But most of the time, that simply doesn’t work.

Mike’s birthday was lovely, certainly the best it could be. Not sure how I feel about sleeping with a sixty year old! But I have to ask the question, what happened to our lives? How did we get here? I remember them burying the Blue Peter time capsule and working out that I’d be in my forties when they opened it. Now I’m clinging onto my fifties by my fingertips. I’ve got seven months left, what shall I do with it? What new leaf shall I turn over?

Bite sized chunks is my new leaf. We have a lovely garden but I am not a gardener. For me it is simply another room you have to keep neat and tidy, but I do love flowers and colour, and if something isn’t the right shape it bugs me. To make matter’s worse, my gardener has not been coming because of COVID and the fact that A levels are a lot more full on than GCSE’s. When I say gardener I actually mean a child labourer, who is now a young man labourer. Hope he doesn’t go off and get a proper job!

Anyway, I’m looking out on my winter-swept garden, with its piles of leaves, blackened stalks sticking up all over the place, and pots full of what were once tomatoes and other dead things! My natural inclination is to curl up inside, get a fire going and remember that before you know it, it will be dark. But that garden is staring in at all the windows, reminding me of all that I ought to be doing, should have done in the Autumn. So back to bite size chunks. Each day, I’m going to pick one or two things to do. Today it was cutting back some salvia’s. Tomorrow I might dig up some roots. Sunday sweep a path. Monday and Tuesday cut back the buddleia, (never knew it was spelt like that). You get the picture.

So that’s the garden sorted, now what else needs doing?

Oh and because of the vagaries of the Amazon algorithm, the hardback is now cheaper than the softback for Watching You Fall. So if you wanted to treat someone…

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