Birthdays! 30th January 21
Birthdays! 30th January 21

Birthdays! 30th January 21

This will be short because today is my husband’s 60th birthday. A lock down birthday means more work for the postman. Making muffins instead of a cake so we can eat some and put the rest in the freezer for later … yeah, right! Being sad because we might have made more of a fuss being his 60th. Being happy because the family are all well and have a new granddaughter.

Still, one of the things I do, that I shouldn’t do, is check Amazon sales of the book, a lot! Particularly now Watching You Fall is in hardback, softback and electronically. Depending on the number of sales and I expect other things too, you get ranked and they adjust the price! At the moment because I only seemed to have sold one book last week, the hardback is cheaper than both the softback and kindle! I don’t understand either! But if you want a bargain… Of course checking sales, and watching your precious baby drop down to just over the millionth most popular book can be a little dispiriting. And I don’t want to be defined by such a narrow criteria and yet, there I am checking out the numbers and feeling sad because nothing much is happening on the book front.

So I’m going to do the only thing I can do today, and that is celebrate my beloved’s birthday with cake and wine and a zoom call with the kids. And tick off a day well spent, a day closer to being able to meet those we love, to celebrate the milestones. Onwards and upwards!

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