11th July 20
11th July 20

11th July 20

Last night we sat in a friends garden and talked books. Books we have read through lock-down and back before it all began. It was a still night and we wrapped ourselves in blankets, drank wine and ate nibbles. It was as lovely as it sounds. I particularly loved it when it got dark enough to put on the coloured lights!

What makes a memorable evening? Particularly for someone like me, whose memory is a little woolly, at the best of times. It was blue, no green! It was when we were in Cornwall, no up in the Lake District! Because last night there was a sense of acceptance, no-one felt the need to work too hard, not even me! And even though we are all at different stages in life and the journey has been difficult for each one of us in many different ways, still is sometimes, it’s still a journey shared.

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