5th July The Aftermath
5th July The Aftermath

5th July The Aftermath

We’ve just had our grandson to stay. His first sleepover. It was really good fun but you forget the 24 hour duty rota, all the paraphernalia! And it’s made me realise how much I live my life simply for my own convenience. The aftermath, of course, is that there is quite a bit of tidying to do. A train under every sofa! A book sticking out from under every cushion. I will sort it, when I can be bothered. I am unashamedly weary.

This week in particular, a lot of people seem to have run out of steam, are having difficulties motivating themselves to do what needs to be done. COVID has highlighted so much that we take for granted, that we enjoy and so miss. It’s meant having to work hard to keep doing the ordinary things let alone having energy for the extra twiddly-bits. I think a lot of us are just tired.

The aftermath of COVID is hopefully that’ll we’ll no longer take for granted the good in our lives. But I get the feeling that it may take us a while to really get going again. And that’s ok. I will pick up the toys, really I will. But not right now. For now, I will carefully step over them, reach for the kettle and make another cup of tea.

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