27th June 2020 – What Toothache Makes You Think About
27th June 2020 – What Toothache Makes You Think About

27th June 2020 – What Toothache Makes You Think About

There’s a Bible story where Jesus asks a blind man what he’d like him to do for him! A little obvious you might think – he’d like to see. But I’m not sure Jesus was the kind of guy to ask spurious questions. They always had a point. So if someone asked you just this minute, ‘what would you like me to do for you?’ What would you reply? It’s one of those difficult things that could go one of two ways. Something will spring to mind, which you will probably dismiss, or you will mull it over for a bit and end up asking for world peace. So let me draw it in a little. What would you ask for yourself? Try not to think about it too much. What does that magic gut have to say?

I’d like my book to sell! No, I’d like to be slimmer. No, I’d like to be wiser, kinder, have more faith. No, I’d like my tooth to stop hurting. (Actually it has begun to ease up considerably.) I’d like my children and their lovely partners to be happy and safe. I’d like to stop being anxious about spurious things that are happening all around the world. Mmmm! And that’s the problem with that question, there is always the danger of the old brain kicking in. Do you mean – what do I need or what would make me happy or what would make the world a better place or what would make today a nicer day? And also, we are such lovely complex beings that surely there will never be one single thing, unless it’s something like the all consuming toothache, in fact pain of anysort.

But now and again defining what you need right now this minute, what you truly desire can bring a clarity about what you should/need to do next that is almost, I suppose, like a blind man seeing.

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