21st June Blog
21st June Blog

21st June Blog

Writing is a bit of a roller coaster ride. I’ve said it before, I know. But as soon as I sent off book 2 to the publisher, and the euphoria had drained away I fell into this hole. It’s the ‘what should I do next’ hole. Obviously I need to start a new book but the second book was quite complex, five new characters, five new back stories, which I did love writing. But now there is the horrible blank page syndrome and raging insecurity. I can’t possibly write another such interesting plot with multiple characters that makes sense. Who do you bump off? How do you bump them off? Does it have to be a murder? Couldn’t it be fraud, or bigamy or just a really sad accident?

When I write, I simply start and see where the book goes. It’s the fun of it. But quite early on I now know there has to be a body. I had no idea the pressure would be so enormous! But as you want to know what happens to Anna, Tom, Archie, Simeon, Harriet and Derek, then so do I! There is only one solution. To start writing.

And this afternoon we’re going to re-vamp the website. Set out the stall a little more obviously. Which is where the years of youth work actually pays off. All technical wizardry is handled by a young man whom I met when he was 10! I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time but I am blessed to be surrounded by people who do.


    1. I will definitely end up doing that, but it’s getting the initial idea. I’m wondering about using the lifeboat. There is plenty of crew and the lifeboat station is at the bottom of 170 steps with a funicular rail running up and down it!

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