Saturday 18th July
Saturday 18th July

Saturday 18th July

This week has been bitty! Haven’t been able to concentrate on anything for more than an hour, before having to put it down and pick up something else. Do you ever dream of a day where you’ll wake up and literally have nothing to do? All the boring jobs/chores are done and the day stretches ahead of you to do with as you choose. For me I would spend it writing, interspersed with coffee and wandering around the garden just looking at stuff. I thought both Thursday and Friday were going to be nearly like that, apart from the washing, fiddling with a new lawnmower, editing my sisters magnum opus, sorting out a big shop, picking up a prescription and doing a bit of COVID admin. Oh yes and cooking supper, watering the pots etc. See what I mean. Of course, this is normal life.

But enjoying a nearly perfect day wouldn’t be difficult if I just put down all the things that niggle me. I will do them, but not until tomorrow. The washing can wait, the admin will not disappear if I don’t deal with it now! And if the house is a bit grubby, it’s not going to kill us.

It’s a decision. We don’t have children anymore that need feeding or changing. The only thing that might really struggle were the pots, that do need watering. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that now and again, setting aside a day to do the things you love, without interspersing them with the boring stuff, is not going to end the world. But it might just give you what you need to get on with the next week with a slightly lighter heart.

Oh, yes, and don’t forget that Watching You Fall is now available to download at £9.95 from Amazon. An absolute bargain!

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