Blog 16th May- Frustration
Blog 16th May- Frustration

Blog 16th May- Frustration

This has been a week of frustration. Firstly the frogspawn. Mike saved half from being eaten by the newts in our pond, and is now sitting in a bucket. So you can get up close and personal. Very exciting watching them grow, change shape, and then this week they stopped. They’re just sitting there. No legs appearing, no tails dropping off. I’m amazed any frogs grow into adulthood at all they take such a long time about it. The blackbirds lay an egg, and a few weeks later they’ve got something to show for it, be it a large ungainly fluffball. A demanding ungainly fluffball but the tadpoles are just asking to be a tasty protein bite for some garden predator. Grow up, you tadpoles!

Secondly I sent out an email to the amazing Devizes COVID19 Pastoral Support team. Need some feedback. Worked hard on which questions to use. I got caught out last time, so sent it out in batches of five or six. Have filled my inbox with the bounce backs. Aaaaaaaaaaargggghhhhh! At one point there were 15 messages telling me they’d try again later! So today I’m going to have to send it out again.

Thirdly, I haven’t sold a book for weeks. I know, I know. I have sold quite a few and I am grateful, in wonder actually. Some of you wonderful people are even reading it again, which has encouraged me no end. But I literally do not know what to do to get it over this hump of being unknown. I am even considering twitter! Though China is still taking a regular interest in my website, perhaps they’d like to order a couple of million copies to keep their population sweet!

So a slightly longer blog that usual cos I am having a moan. No deep insights except a frog takes a long long time to grow!

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