Blog 23rd May
Blog 23rd May

Blog 23rd May

There are people in this world who when they put their minds to something – achieve it. It’s often hard work, a steep learning curve but they get there. I applaud them, I stand in awe of them. There are others in this world who begin with great gusto and energy and then when the going gets tough tweak and twiddle until they find that their goal has disappeared once more over the horizon. Obviously I am of the latter persuasion, except the obvious one of course. Writing has always been the exception rather than the rule. So I have spent most of my life with a bright smile on my face, speaking the immortal words, “I can do that!”

And I can mostly do whatever it is that I have enthusiastically volunteered for but the real issue is, just because I can, doesn’t mean I should. Which is something I think all enthusiasts should ponder.

Is it good and kind? Is there someone else who could be encouraged and valued by being asked to do it, rather than yourself? Will it bring you joy? Is it vital? If you ask yourself to jump into the same thing in a weeks time do you think you would still be so happy to raise your hand?

This is a lot about knowing yourself, knowing your community and praying before you jump.

But my hand will still shoot skywards without thought for the future because it takes me places I would never have gone and enables me to meet people I would never have met. People who enrich, astound, add to the whole picture. People who might have been hidden away. Jewels that dot the path we’re on. So with hind sight I’m glad I jump before I think because just recently it’s meant I’ve met a whole load of incredible people who are astounding. I am blessed beyond the stress and craziness, knowing that walking alongside me are friends and volunteers who make life better.

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