Blog 9th May
Blog 9th May

Blog 9th May

Bit surprised this morning, woke up looking forward to writing this. It was always a bit of a chore, something the publisher thought was a good idea. But even yesterday I was thinking about what I might say, to my 3 lovely followers. Only like most things that I do, regardless of all my good ideas yesterday, it just spills out willy-nilly. I stand in awe of those who can muse in their heads and then speak sensibly the great thoughts they have thought. I react and talk and am often surprised by what comes out. There must be a lot of thinking that goes on but it is in the background. That amazing process where you stare at a crossword for ages. Put it down and when next you pick it up the word is there. Immediately, clearly. I suppose I live on my wits. I love my wits though they do get me into trouble. I wish I hadn’t said that! I wish I hadn’t agreed to that! I wish I hadn’t done that! And that slightly out of control, roller-coaster way of living can be both exhilarating and exhausting.

Thank goodness we are all different. That there are planners, and mullers, and single-minded drivers, introspectives and the opposite, (can’t think what the word is, or even if there is a word!) I guess the long and the short of it is we should play to our strengths. So though it can be a bit of bore for those around us, who have to put up with random musings while we work out what our strengths are, we should at least spend some part of our lives working out how we work, so that we can simply do that.

Do you know what the very hardest part of this blog is? The last sentence! Which is either deeply profound or a cop out!

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