Blog Time 2nd May
Blog Time 2nd May

Blog Time 2nd May

Our daughter has turned 32. How on earth did that happen?! People often talk about the passage of time, that it gets faster and faster. Tis true. I don’t remember anything much about February this year, (and it wasn’t because of the wine consumption). But once June is done both our children will be in their thirties and we are hanging onto our fifties by our finger-tips. So some of the things that I have loved about the last few weeks is the surfeit of poetry, silly videos and though we are still really busy a sense of some things slowing down. (Obviously not for those who are key workers, NHS, bin men, posties, our Town Hall, our COVID19 volunteers etc). A sense that there are things that you can stop and do now. That there are things you can stop and stare at for a while. That there are things you should hold, because they are precious or beautiful or remind you of a different time.

I used to spend a lot of time just fitting things in between other things. Racing onto the next moment. One of those people who believed that the perfect day exists just round the corner – if only I could get all my jobs done. The sun will shine and I will make a coffee and read a book. I will start a puzzle. I will write a little more of the next book. I will pray. I will lie in. I will ring the children. But you know what’s coming next… That day is today! And no I haven’t finished all my jobs, not by a long chalk but between the things I have to do I will stop and breathe, and hold, and think. And when I weed and wash and cook and type I will breathe again. I’m not going to count my blessings, I’m going to try and finally live them.


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