Blog Time 25th April 20
Blog Time 25th April 20

Blog Time 25th April 20

Have managed to knit a bit more jumper, though I probably won’t have enough wool for the arms. Good job I have short ones. I have edited up to chapter 10 on book 2. Jutta has done some fab editing so it’s mostly reading really well. I have spent many an hour working through the data bases for COVID19 Pastoral Support. Once again humbled by the team. There are 30 of us and they have phoned hundreds of people over the last 3 weeks.

I am still wondering how to push the book without becoming a colossal bore. It’s our beloved Hannah’s birthday next week and we haven’t a clue how we are going to do that. Played boggle last night with some friends. Really good fun. But do you know what the highlight of my week has been … bumping off the vicar! We are planning a St James’ who dunnit, so we can all have a laugh. Except the vicar of course, who will be lying brutally done to death by …..

The long and the short of it is that we are just getting by. Filling our moments with things of use and things that are just ordinary and normal. None of our longings or wishes have disappeared though they aren’t necessarily as important as they were before. We are just the same, just scraped a little barer, our thoughts a little more intense and life a little less predictable.

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