Kirsty’s Blog Tues 25th Feb 20
Kirsty’s Blog Tues 25th Feb 20

Kirsty’s Blog Tues 25th Feb 20

We are packing to go on holiday, which always makes me anxious, though there is absolutely no reason why that should be the case. We’re going down to the Lizard, Cornwall, not Outer Mongolia. The root of the anxiety is that I will forget something really important. Which got me musing on, what I couldn’t live without.

My medication, but I suppose a trip to a local doctor and a phone call to my surgery would solve that issue. A nuisance but not the end of the world. My beloved laptop. Annoying, because I would have to buy a pen and paper to work. My phone – do you remember the days when we went on holiday and sent postcards, or phoned using a landline? Ok, I might miss an email or two, but is that such a big deal? Even knickers, deodorant and a toothbrush are all easily replaceable.

On our way down I am doing a talk for a book group in Truro. Could I do without my talk? I reckon I could probably wax lyrical about myself and the book for fifteen minutes … but this group might buy a copy of my book. So I couldn’t manage without a box of those, and yet, couldn’t they order off Amazon? So is there anything I can’t live without on our week away in Cornwall? Well, yes, actually – Mike. Some things are so obvious, we don’t always acknowledge them! 


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