Sunshine on our faces
Sunshine on our faces

Sunshine on our faces

Saturday 13th April 2024

For the first time we had lunch outside. It was delicious. Not the food, but feeling the warmth of the long lost sun. There has been so much rain, but not today.

I am having a small break from writing, except for a couple of meditations over Easter. I do love doing such projects. Three minutes for early on Good Friday, two to three minutes for the dawn service of Easter morning. It’s an absolute privilege to put into words such moments. Capturing an event, not like a journalist, but in such a way, that when you reread it, at some future time, it all comes flooding back. Today I will remember because of the light and the flapping of the sail, the marsh marigolds positively glowing around the pond. The noise of cider as it hit the bottom of the glass, and the thin call of the birds, the kids in the park, and the wheezing of the ice machine in the fridge. Here’s to many more such days.

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