Pink Petals
Pink Petals

Pink Petals

Saturday 23rd March 2024

It’s the pink, rather than anything else. Our magnolia has always had the potential to be beautiful, but this year, it’s added a depth of colour to the front garden that is hard to ignore. We are greatly cheered by it, despite having had a tough few months.

Book sales are not great, though I’m sure there isn’t anything more I can do, for now. Except to be grateful, that by August, I might have four books in print. If you’d offered me that, even five years ago, I would have bitten your hand off.

At one of our local bookshops, while delivering a few more tomes, there was a lady, making coffee and dispensing cake.

“I read your book.”

“Wonderful. And what did you think?”

“After I had finished it, I missed them.”

“Who did you miss?”

“The characters!”

I’ll take it!

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