The Most Southerly Place in the UK
The Most Southerly Place in the UK

The Most Southerly Place in the UK

Saturday 24th Feb 2024

I had a really good afternoon at the Ruan Minor Afternoon Book Club, next village up from the Lizard, just inland from Cadgwith, where Anna and Tom go for lunch, to get away! They work in collaboration with their local library, where they request multiple copies of books they’d like to read. They turn up from Helston, I think, via the mobile library, to be handed out at the meeting, and are discussed the following month. The books don’t always come in the ordered order so it’s quite exciting as to what actually turns up. The members were lively and astute. One lady even picked up on the fact that it took me a while to allow myself to write without an excuse – it’s why the first book took 12 years. There’s Dad’s voice again, “you can do that in your spare time if you really need to do it.” He never actually said that, but that is what I absorbed, that is what I lived by. And technically, writing is a hobby, as we certainly don’t make any money from it, but it is also more than a hobby. I work at it – I’ve got work to do. I need to work on this bit. I would like to hone this up a little. It definitely feels like a job. Anyway, I am now honoured to be an honourary member of their afternoon book club and look forward to coming back when the next book comes out.

So I have spoken at the most southerly book group in the UK, and my books are also currently available in the most southerly book shop in the UK, The Bookshop in Helston. A brilliant place that is hosting an amazing author of murder mysteries, Friday 1st March, 10 – 12pm. Look forward to seeing you there. View from window last week.

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Watching You Fall
The Lizard peninsula is known for its beautiful scenery and tourist attractions, but all is not so idyllic for Revd Anna Maybury, vicar of the most southerly parish of mainland Britain. Much of Anna’s little flock are dealing with their own problems, and when the wife of a local architect is found dead in the churchyard, each of them has to come to terms with the fact that they may be living with a murderer. The year will take them to the very edge of their insecurities and relationships and beyond to the conclusion that we are never truly what we seem...
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