Saturday 10th February 2024

Had a really slow start this morning as I’m not feeling great. It’s funny, when you don’t feel up to much you still see all that needs to be done, but don’t feel like doing it. I have a pack of iris bulbs that I ought to plant rather urgently but they are still here beside me, in their box, making me feel guilty. A pile of Bibles on the coffee table from last Monday, that would take 3 seconds to put away. Oh well! I am still happily editing Radiant with His Glory, over half way through now. I continue to be quite excited about it, so could everyone please buy a copy of Missing You so that my dear publisher can afford to get this new one in print.

Whenever we discuss a project, he always wonders about films or TV series, which I find strangely comforting. He’s still hopeful that someone somewhere will think the Anna Maybury Mysteries will be worth thinking about. Somewhere in between Beyond Paradise and … I’m not sure what to put in here. Vicar of Dibley is wonderful but funny, Anna has her moments but they are not comic novels. Midsomer Murders has too many bodies. Wycliffe captures the difficulty of living in a beautiful place when you are not on holiday, and Cornwall does have some of the toughest areas for unemployment and poverty. It’s definitely not all pasty’s and wonderful views. I guess, like all places anywhere, how you feel about it is all about the company you keep. Do you feel part of something, do you have a community around you, who notice when you are struggling?

And just like that, I realise what most of my books are about!

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Watching You Fall
The Lizard peninsula is known for its beautiful scenery and tourist attractions, but all is not so idyllic for Revd Anna Maybury, vicar of the most southerly parish of mainland Britain. Much of Anna’s little flock are dealing with their own problems, and when the wife of a local architect is found dead in the churchyard, each of them has to come to terms with the fact that they may be living with a murderer. The year will take them to the very edge of their insecurities and relationships and beyond to the conclusion that we are never truly what we seem...
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