Talks, Talks, Talks!
Talks, Talks, Talks!

Talks, Talks, Talks!

Saturday 22nd July 2023

This week is prep week. I have a lot of small talks to write and practice. The first few I can probably hone and complete. The last few will need to be skeletal, so that I can react to what is going on. I’ve never done a series before, so I’m hoping to go on a bit of a journey. I’m a story teller, how hard can it be!

Having not been to the cinema for simply ages, over the last week I’ve been three times. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning part 1, and Barbie. I enjoyed all three of them and have decided that actually a good conclusion to draw is that actions speak louder than words, except … you do also need to try and speak your heart. Don’t leave things unsaid that you wish you’d said. The good things, the things you have loved and appreciated about a person, how much you care for them. We are so bad at this.

Last thing – the water feature pump died, taking some of our electrics with it. Honestly, what can I say! (Please see previous 2 or 3 blogs for explanation).

So here’s a picture of our pond which does not have a pump, or an electric supply!

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