Quick Blog from a Pub in Mull
Quick Blog from a Pub in Mull

Quick Blog from a Pub in Mull

Tuesday 25th April 2023

I’ve never had to do this before, write my blog in a pub because the internet at our cottage is soooooo slow. So it’s going to be a brief one. I have worked like a trojan and have completed the timeline read through. This time I gave each section a actual date, and my lovely editor was quite right. The original time line was all over the place. So instead of finishing the plot in September, it actually finished in July! So apart from rewriting the last chapter then I’m done. So pleased. I only have the two dilemmas, what to call the book, and what to name Derek and Harriet’s new dog, should they get around to getting one!

Mull is beautiful, the weather has been perfect, and book 3 is back on track. Such a wonderful time here. So many blessings.

Hopefully I can do the next Saturday blog as usual on … well, on Saturday!

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