?????? What am I thinking?
?????? What am I thinking?

?????? What am I thinking?

Saturday 1st April 23

A friend recently said that if you wanted a unique view into my head, then you should read my blogs. So I had a quick look back over them. Sometimes, it feels as if I am saying the same thing over and over again, but when you flick through the weeks words, it’s not quite as repetitive as I thought. But is it really a view into my head?

What I’m really thinking most of the time is something like this: oh no, that sounds so boring. I can’t think of anything to write. I think I’ll just do another puzzle. I ought to get on with something but what if it’s terrible? I wonder if there will be anything interesting in the post today? Will this be the day some agent begs to represent me? Is today the day I will sell tons of books? I wonder if there are any chocolate biscuits left. Oh, why do I think that anyone would want to read anything that I write. I think I’ll just wander about the garden and see what’s growing? I ought to write something, clean something, organise something, instead I think I’ll just have another cup of tea. I wonder what the kids are doing?

So just be glad that because I can edit, rewrite and craft the blogs you don’t get the mayhem.

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