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Sat 25th March 23

As you know, book 3, is with the editor. Book 3 in the Anna Maybury series has the working title of Missing You but there are a lot of novels of that title, or a combination of similar words. I keep waiting for inspiration to strike, but nothing so far. Particularly, as, if I remember correctly, the publishers came up with each of the titles for books 1 and 2 for I don’t see able to tell if something is really terrible or not.

The Hole at the Edge! Darkness Below Tide, Leaving, What Happens Next to Anna.

It shouldn’t be this hard, except I had a teddy called Teddy, a hamster called Hammy and our children … thank goodness Mike was around otherwise it might have been Girly, and Boyo.

And I’d like to say that there is no pressure, but I have discovered that titles do make all the difference. They certainly seem to with blogs. So how about, Send for the Lifeboat … A Murder at the Lizard … What was the last thing you did? … Who was the last person you saw? …

It’s going to be a long weekend!


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Watching You Fall
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