Black and White
Black and White

Black and White

Saturday 11th March 23

The sea off the Lizard on a day of bright sunshine, but my phone couldn’t cope with the contrast. I quite like the outcome. It’s almost black and white.

Years ago, when I was a teenager, I went away to Germany for 2 weeks on a school exchange. In my absence, Mum and Dad upgraded the old black and white telly to a colour one. Once back, it took me three weeks to notice. They couldn’t believe that I didn’t notice. But of course everything is always in colour, so why would I?

Black and white can be stylish, can reveal hidden depth to an image, can highlight things you would never notice in colour. But the joy after a long grey winter when those vibrant multi-paletted colours burst across the muddy greens. The first purple crocus, the creamy white snowdrops, the yellow daffodils, the bright green shoots. Such joy!

So why do I wear so much black and navy?

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