Murder Mystery On the Brain!
Murder Mystery On the Brain!

Murder Mystery On the Brain!

Friday 3rd March

On our way home from the Lizard we have stopped off for a couple of nights in a hotel in Falmouth. It’s one of those places that ramble, the staff are friendly and the food is wonderful, (Mike got a good deal). I am sitting in the lounge, it’s late morning and very quiet. I occasionally here the murmur of voices or a door squeaking. It simply makes me want to get out my lap top and write a murder mystery. Even playing scrabble last night, I used up my 7 letters on the word Murders! How cool was that.

The picture above is not the current hotel, where I am musing about who to bump off, but where we had lunch one day. The Housel Bay Hotel, on the Lizard. Another place that put me in mind of writing and murder. It doesn’t help that I am reading through the Lord Peter Wimsey books by Dorothy L Sayers, time capsules from between the wars. She wrote great detail, she unwound complex stories with a measured tread, though you know by your very place in the book that the obvious cannot be the actual truth. Sometimes I have to write down who is who, and how they fit as she does not shy away from complex plots but I read on, partly because it’s good to remind ourselves of those who have gone before, but mostly because I like Lord Peter. I want to know what happens to him, how his life pans out.

So with the sun on my back, the lounge to myself here we go!

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