I want to be Agatha Christie!
I want to be Agatha Christie!

I want to be Agatha Christie!

Sunday 8th Jan 2022

It was pouring with rain, but staring out over the bay does good things to the soul. Particularly as the house across the way looks as if it ought to be filled with guests, mostly impoverished relatives, sniping and carping about the inheritance, until one of them ends up in the pool! Particularly at night, with the lights a twinkling in the garden room, and everyone dressed for dinner.

Mike said it was probably converted into holiday flats, but as far as I am concerned it is owned by a fierce old lady, (suffragette and publisher), and her housekeeper of thirty years lives in the bungalow at the top of the garden. Her health is failing but she still has her wits and all that lovely money …

Writers most definitely make their own entertainment!

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