The Transient Beauty of Ice
The Transient Beauty of Ice

The Transient Beauty of Ice

Saturday 17th December 2022

This morning, while out in the garage on my cross-trainer … I know, amazing or what! … the view into the garden was obscured by ice. It was like myriads of flat snow flakes glued to the back door. It could have been an engraving of a tree, or a fine lace table cloth, draped over the glass. Breathtaking.

I thought I would talk about the transitory beauty of the world. The intricacies of a snow flake but when I went back to take the photograph, it had all gone. All that loveliness disappeared, all the wonder of snow that no one but me had seen. And yet whenever we do anything, we kind of want/need an audience. Not everyone, I know, but a lot of us. I think that’s why social media is such a success.

The really depth and breadth of wonder must occurs away from the prying eyes, perhaps even in a hidden corner of our own back gardens, where a spiders web glistens with icy diamonds, or a deer leaves tiny hoof prints across a pristine field. You get the picture. Sadly, I didn’t.

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