Control Freak – Moi!
Control Freak – Moi!

Control Freak – Moi!

Saturday 26th November 22

The antidote to fear is control! I was having a coffee with a friend and she said this. It was one of those moments when you suddenly understand quite a lot of things about yourself, in this case with bells on!

I’m never happier than when I have a list, when I know what’s in the diary and the shopping is sorted, ie we’re not about to run out of anything. I like to know I have plenty of time between things, that I have plenty of time to get everything done. Recently our daughter and her husband took a holiday. They enjoyed Bruge and then Amsterdam, but they didn’t book the Amsterdam hotel until they’d got to Bruge! Ah, such adventure, such freedom, such madness.

So the antidote to being a bit of a control freak is to embrace the unplanned moments, the unplanned visits, the unplanned vistas that catch your eye. Allowing the story to take you where it wants to go, the characters to grow, to change, to visit places as if you were there yourself. All well and good, as long as I have a rucksack with me stuffed with all the things I might need!!!!

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