A Little More Pink!
A Little More Pink!

A Little More Pink!

Saturday 12th November 2022

I know, it’s just a Christmas cactus but this one is old, possibly over thirty years! It was sitting in my mum and dad’s front porch, single glazed, unheated, for as long as I can remember. So when Dad died I brought it home. I do not have green fingers, and often forget to water things, or worse, water things too much, or pot them onto pots that are too big for them so they go into shock! But without fail, two or three times a year this beautiful plant flowers.

Thanks Mum. Though her legacy is obviously a great deal more than this, (we do have some of her paintings which I love), it is something she touched, watered, protected. This has never occurred to me before, so now I’m worried I’ll kill it with love!! Well I certainly won’t be potting it on anytime soon.

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