Friday 29th July 22

When something has the sun behind it, all you can see is the outline.

We need the light to see the details. I’m not saying that sometimes a silhouette can’t be beautiful. There is a certain simplicity to it, but it does lack depth and colour. We need the sun, the light to shine on our dark places, to see what’s there, whether there is really anything to be afraid of. Probably not.

Am finally putting some chapter breaks in book three, Missing You, (working title), and continuing to write On the Way to Goldmeadow. Anxiety is settling, but of course I will also pursue a bit more talking therapy. Can’t do any harm and will probably do a lot of good. Ahhh, the rich tapestry of life. Three steps forward, one step back but if you do it with a spring in your step it becomes a dance.

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Watching You Fall
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