Friday 13th May 22
Friday 13th May 22

Friday 13th May 22

We went for a walk, Hannah and I. On the map there was a track. We didn’t find it for a while. Indeed there didn’t seem to be much of a path at all, then there was, so we walked on, feeling we were in the middle of nowhere but definitely going somewhere. The path disappeared again but instead of going back we went on because the road leading to the cottage wasn’t that far. Well, we clambered over trees, through bogs, down the side of a steep incline until at last we could see the tarmac, only there was a deer fence running along it. Luckily for us a tree had toppled over and had squashed the fence so that we thought we might be able to scramble over. Hannah made it, she’s just that bit taller than me. Sadly I got my foot stuck and toppled into her arms. But we were alright, if hobbling a little. It was definitely an adventure, particularly when Hannah discovered 6 nasty ticks burrowing into her shins.

Scotland, such beauty, such wildness but with a definite sting in the tail!

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